Virtual office in Warsaw

Prestige and security of your business!

Our virtual office is special service, which provides place for registration of your company and you will get expert secretarial help at a low price.

Convenient location and comfort you will get in addition.




You get a virtual office in an attractive location, you do not need to note your private address. Your company address remains unchanged regardless of the number of crossings.

Reliability and


We work with all business types, so we orientate on high quality. We offer best solutions for companies, which are looking for virtual office, secretarial service and accounting.


Punctuality and

organization of work

We know how important it is for our customers, the timing and organization of work. We always have all the tasks under control.

Experience and

highly-qualified specialists

We provide virtual office service for several years. We are trusted by many famous customers. They are still using our service.

Benefits of virtual office

Firstly - cost savings!
Forget about the payment for your own office, formalities, recruitment of needed employees.

Secondly - prestige!
Get a prestigious location in the city center, a room that can be used for meetings with partners and colleagues.

Thirdly - additional services in one place!
You will not have to incur additional costs, you'll get accounting services and the help of many good people 


per month
  • -Address for correspondence
  • -Unavailability to register a company on our address
  • -Mail storage - 1 month


per month
  • -Address for correspondence
  • -Address for registration
  • -Mail scanning, up to 30 pages for free
  • -Mail storage - 3 months 


per month
  • -Address for correspondence
  • -Address for registration
  • -Mail scanning, up to 300 pages for free
  • -Mail storage - 12 months
  • -Mail sending for free, once per month 

Virtual Office,

it's not just office space to rent, it is also a variety of additional services that are indispensable for modern entrepreneurs.

We are working with a reliable group of tax consultants providing accounting services for companies from the sector of small and medium-sized businesses and corporations.

 We offer our customers very attractive packages of services depends on the quantity of accounting documents. This clear and universal offer gives the Client accurate information about cost of the package.

Call us!

Ready Made Companies

Also we are selling companies. The offer includes both: fresh, without history companies registered in our virtual address and companies having a few months or a few years history with a turnover and with a proven auditor history.

 The company which has history are prepared for future business. All companies are debt-free.

 We offer our companies from 1000 EUR!

Registration address for year for free!

 Required documents:

- data from the passport of all shareholders and members of the Board of Directors


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Hoża st. 86/210
00-895 Warsaw

Phone: +48 533 393 757
Phone: +48 533 393 752